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What is this I don’t even

Various things downloaded from the Satellaview were not games at all.

Soemtimes it’s hard to even figure out what they is. (My English just died here)

Let’s take a look at one of them, perhaps.

I do not really know what this one’s name is, or what it’s about, or if there’s even a ROM dump.

What I do know is that that is certainly not a game. 😛

This particular example seems goofy compared to the more useful things downloaded in a similar format, like magazines (Various ROM dumps indicate a Nintendo Power magazine? Probably more related to Japan’s NP service than our own magazine, but regardless…) and the latest news.

(thanks go to otatronix for the Youtube video upload.)

EDIT: From Berri;

“The first game or whatever shows you a photo of a girl at a picnic
You only get to look for a few seconds, then it asks you what she was eating first
Then it gives you an address to send your answer to, I guess”

I’m assuming now this is some sort of weird contest St. Giga was running. More info would be appreciated.

The video is tagged as 裕木奈江 and “nae yuuki”. This probably refers to the name of the actress shown in the pictures. She apparently does various advertisements.

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