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Because I can’t properly integrate this into the blog yet…

Here’s a link to my Twitter.

I’ve been using it a lot more lately! In particular, I’ve been attempting to communicate with Japanese Satellaview fans over Twitter. With crappy Google Translate Wapanese, I’ll admit, but it’s better than nothing… hopefully!

Among some of the interesting things I’ve learned:

1) Many Japanese folks romanize the system as “Satella-View”, in spite of Nintendo’s official logos for it.
2) It was considered an expensive setup, and a few folks who may have wanted it didn’t get it because of the expense.
3) As expected, Yoshi no Panepon is one of the most well-known titles. Of course, Radical Dreamers is frequently mentioned, as well.
4) I frequent get commented on when I follow these people. 😛 (Indeed, I’m basically being a total madman here.)
5) There is at least one other person interested in dumping and archiving 8M Memory Pack ROM files. 🙂

I’m hoping to enhance the communications between Satellaview fans, and maybe attract the attention of more archivists – or perhaps people from older Japanese ROM scenes who may have held on to otherwise-long-lost ROM dumps. I’m hoping that I can get more folks interested. And that I’m not embarassing myself -too much-…..

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