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New ROM dump is mysteriously headered.

I’ve been holding on to a few ROMs from earlier in the year for a good while, which I haven’t had the chance to release yet. Thankfully, I think I got some time now!

This release is thanks to ChronoMoogle and ikari_01, from SNESFreaks, of course!

To give this a good round of buildup, allow me to give a bit of my experience popping this up in snes9x-sx2! With the BS-X anti-DRM patch, I pop it up and see this:

Huh, how familiar! Why, that header’s identical to Callis’s old release of BS Fuurai no Shiren Dai-2-wa!

… oh dear, looks like his page broke. I may have to re-list his ROM dumps on my site, will I..? Well, they’re probably all well and good in the No-Intro sets as well, but just to be on the safe side…

… Anyway, it has the same header as that, so I expected a redump. But as usual, the Satellaview decided to throw a new curveball at me.

Well, not a highly absurd one. It’s still BS Fuurai no Shiren. But rather than episode 2…

I got (massacred in) episode 4!

Yep, two different episodes of the same game have an identical header! How baffling!

If you need substantive proof that it’s part 4, I reuploaded the NicoNicoDouga soundlink recordings to YouTube. This is pretty much the only reference material I have, mind…

Well, other than this SFC Mania article from 2007.

I think with this in mind, it’ll be tough to collect episodes 1 and 3… But hey, progress is progress.

My attempt to play this ROM pretty much settled for me that this is likely the most difficult of Satellaview games by a mile. I’ve never died so many times in less than 2 minutes before!

This ROM dump, by the way, is what inspired me to put up Soundlink FLACs on Soundcloud. Grab the Fuurai no Shiren Special Arrange and enjoy it while playing the ROM!

BS Fuurai no Shiren – Surura wo Sukue! Dai-4-wa | BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第4週
ROM Download

Interesting trivia, by the way: 2 appears to be my magic number, since we managed to get the 2nd episodes of BS Shiren, BS Bokujo Monogatari, and BS Monopoly, as well as one more episode of each of them.

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  1. Nice find!

    Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer is such a hard and unfair game. It’s crazy they even considered a Soundlink version.

    P.S.: Hurray, I can post again! 🙂

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