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New ROM Dump really tees me off.

Ah, were you expecting something related to Special Tee Shot viewing this? Sorry, but you’re getting -this- instead!

Waialae no Kiseki, a game Americans are more familiar with under the title “Waialae Country Club”.

This game, as you can tell from this video, frustrates me. I miss playing Mario Golf on my Game Boy Color already. This was actually my second attempt at recording this – on the first, I didn’t quite grasp that the traditional menu command style – A to confirm, B to cancel – is REVERSED in this game. Needless to say, many fits were thrown.

You can blame thank ChronoMoogle, Lytron and Ikari from SNESFreaks for this release.

But enough venting. Let’s get down to the details of the Satellaview ROM. First off, it looks and plays identically to the retail release like many limited-boot releases.

The date of the download is listed as 10/28.
Rather conveniently, the Satellaview History Museum has the corresponding schedule.

◇21:30~22:00 ワイアラエの奇蹟 そろばんビル

◇9:30 P.M.~10:00 P.M. Waialae no Kiseki Abacus Building

Ths schedule is on October 26th-28th of 1997. Therefore this download most likely corresponds to that broadcast.

ChronoMoogle’s also chimed in with his belief that this broadcast was meant to advertise the Nintendo Power rerelease of the game. I’ve attempted to cross-check this and got a NP release date of 12/01/97, so it seems plausible, although a bit early. I’d say it’s kinda strange to advertise a NP release by what is basically a free-to-play version, though.

New 3D Golf Simulation: Waialae no Kiseki (BS) | ワイアラエの奇蹟 (BS)
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