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No New ROMs Lately? Don’t Panic Yet, Here’s One!

It’s been a while since I put a ROM up, huh? Honestly, it’s mostly just been slow lately… but I do got something to show anyhow!

Remember when I said I purchased a lot of 8Ms on YJA and one of them had something I needed to get ROM dumped? Well, I sent it to Callis and now we have that something.

.. then I sent it to PYPYBM1 to play because I couldn’t figure it out. Hahaha!

Logos Panic is covered pretty decently on Wikipedia. So what’s with this version?
Well, similar to the Puyo Puyo releases, it’s another demo of sorts. I don’t exactly know the differences down to minute details, but off the top of my head you can immediately tell that there’s multiple characters locked out of play.

As far as emulation compatibility goes, this appears to work on mostly anything, so it should be easy to boot up. 🙂

I’m… not entirely sure what PYPYBM1 is doing at the password screen, by the way. Probably a secret of some kind.

Logos Panic Go-A-I-Sa-Tu BS Ban | ロゴスパニックごあいさつ BS版
ROM Download

The Flash/Java embeds and the ROM download page will be updated with this when I’m not lazy.

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