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Scan me once, shame on you. Scan me twice, shame on me.

Ending the month with another round of scans. Once again, ChronoMoogle and Yankee from SNESFreaks and Laurant of Video Game Den are to be thanked for these!

Let’s start with the Satellaview Guide Book. This came with Japanese copies of Chrono Trigger, and has a neat comic!

Satellaview Guide
Video Game Den Mirror

Now, let’s move to some stuff ChronoMoogle wanted me to post earlier, but I’ve tardied on.

Satellaview Pack Scans set
This set of scans include the box, manual and stickers for 8M Memory Packs, as well as the box for the SD Gundam G-Next Unit and Map Data Pack set.

Hey, it’s the Mario flyer again! Why is this up here…?

So you can see it’s back-side now!
Ahh, now I have some good random trivia: Satebo and Parabo have accented o’s in their names! That means I’m spelling them wrong!.. AND I STILL AM! What’s wrong with me?

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  1. Thanks for finally posting my boxscans^^

    The accent on their name means the kanji in their name is spelled “bou”. I figured out that, according to the flyer, the kanji for bou is 坊, which translates in something like boy or lad.

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