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Please warn me is stuff is breaking.

I don’t really know if anyone’s noticed, but lately I’ve been trying to fiddle really hard with the blog’s physical appearance.

You can probably see this mostly in the sidebar, as I’ve added some new options and pages and shuffled a couple things around.

I’ve also added advertisements, which will probably annoy a good amount of my visitors, so I’ll be generous and remind you all that AdBlock is probably the greatest internet invention since

However, I noticed as I was doing this that on certain pages, the physical appearance of the blog would break down seemingly unfathomably. I’ve been trying to resolve these, but it’s possible I’m missing some things or missing some details.

Therefore, if anyone wants to let me know if a website portion somehow broke, feel free to either comment on this post or to use the newly-introduced Contact Form on the sidebar.

I’ve also been thinking of re-doing the physical appearance of the blog entirely someday; currently I’ve got a barely-edited WordPress “Almost-Spring” theme that isn’t really what I’d consider the optimum appearance for Satellablog. However, it’s easy to look at and configurable, so it’s kinda stuck.

What I’d like some day is to have the appearance of the site actually look like something heavily associated with the Satellaview, like the BS-X town or BIOs menus, except.. y’know, in a form that has less “90’s web design” and is easy on the eyes for readers.

Maybe someday that’ll come down the line. Whee.

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