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The Satellaview Prototype?

MadHatter has still been collecting Magazines.
However, this time I’m posting some scans that aren’t from him, although I still have him to thank for it. The story goes;

I decided for whatever reason to share the articles he scanned which tied into the Sega Channel with the Sonic Retro community. And it just happened that LocalH gave something back.

As a certain Eggman would say, “GET A LOAD OF – GET A LOAD OF – GET A LOAD OF THIS.”

… *cough*

Click the picture to get the full-size version off Imageshack. And get a good look at that hardware on the page… while ignoring the poor romanization and obvious hyperbole about Donkey Kong Country for a moment;

See that piece of hardware? Although there’s nothing on the page that says it’s a prototype, it obviously looks nothing like the final product… or the usual mock-up art, which is shown on the next page;

It’s particularly unusual how it seems like not even the 8M Pack format was finalized – that means I probably won’t have high hopes for finding a Satellaview proto I can just plop in my BS-X cart to test, huh? And, yuck, exposed pins!

On another note, the physical shape of the cartridge as it looks in the scan looks impossible to fit in an SNES… or rather, like it’s bottom half is missing. Image editing, perhaps?

Anyhow, this article is also a shining example of how American gaming publications were incredibly exaggerative when it came to import items that were never gonna be released here. Just look at some of the things said there, and put them into perspective…

I will remind you all, I first heard of BS Zelda from Nintendo Power. The very article they printed about it is on the BS Zelda Homepage now. And it still taunts me to this day. Does anything from that “evaluation” for it being in Game Pak form exist, or was this NOA-Sanctioned magazine just yanking my chain?
Almost certainly, these were a major influence behind this blog’s very existence. If anyone else has any gaming magazine – especially Japanese ones with some-Oh speak of the Devil, Berri just linked me something on FamiMaga!

… Woops. This isn’t an IRC chat!
Anyway, done! Publish!

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