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no$sns; selling dope in a BS-X ROM near you.

If you’re wondering exactly what is up with the video LuigiBlood uploaded here, then go to here and download no$sns and try booting the BS-X ROM on it.

I’ve been giving the emulator a very good go myself, and although the compatibility isn’t all there yet (A lot of the ROMs do not detect as BS-X compatible and thus try to boot without it), there is one very important ROM that does…

Ever see the ROM in certain sets labeled “Satella2_1”? It doesn’t seem to be in GoodSNES or no-intro, probably because for a long while the nature of the ROM was mysterious – it wouldn’t boot past a single screen, and the best assumption was that it was related to Satellawalker.

… Finally, though, no$snes has it playable basically from start to end, and, well, I guess I should’ve expected it, but it turned out indeed to be the very Satellawalker segment that was on Youtube for a long time now.

Since the ROM doesn’t appear to be going around in many DATs, here it is for reference.

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