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Will the other Squaresoft Satellaview games be fan-translated someday?

A romhacking.net forum thread on translating terms in Treasure Conflix appeared a few days ago. According to the first post I shouldn’t expect a fan translation from this.

I’m kinda really hoping for one, though. There aren’t that many Satellaview games that have had significant fan translation besides the BS Zelda series and Radical Dreamers. I recall hearing of a Dynami Tracer fan translation a while back; still hoping for updates on that one.

Among my personal wishlist of other Satellaview fan translations are BS Tantei Club and the BS Marvelous games. BS Fire Emblem would be kinda nice, too, although it’d require more a “restoration” a la the BS Zeldas, since nearly all of the plotline was in the voice acting and CG art.

For anyone who wants to try playing Treasure Conflix without a translation, the romhacking.net thread may help you, as well as Treasure Conflix NND playthrough.

Also, ChronoMoogle wanted me to post this picture of the Treasure Conflix map for a while. Sorry it took so long!

(thumbnailed. Click to view the full picture.)

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