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The strange case of the Sutte Hakkun redumps.

I’ll have to backpedal a bit before getting into what I wanted to say, because a bit ago, ChronoMoogle had me looking back at the previous Sutte Hakkun Event Version 2 dumps from around here.

It turned out that when he tried to play the ROMs, the October 19th dump had screwed-up level layouts. The November 25th dump, on the other hand, is identical to the older “good” dumps. This even showed when I tried a checksum/maker fix and the checksum ended up matching the old dump. Therefore, it’s safe to assume the Oct. 19th one is bad.

A bit later, Callis sent me a batch of dumps yet again.

In it, was this Sutte Hakkun Event 98 Version ROM dump. Like the previous redumps, checksum/maker values were absent. I tried fixing and then plopping into an emulator, but it wouldn’t boot up.

I told Callis that I believed the dump was bad. He did a comparison between it and the previous dump, and told me the results…

Here’s where it gets weird, and where it gets the “1-byte-different” title. Technically, that’s not entirely accurate – the download date is different, and the maker and checksum being absent makes for additional different bytes. However, those don’t factor into the checksum or the overall game data.

The very 2nd byte of the ROM (0x01 in hex), however, does. And it’s an “00” when it used to be an “0B”. With every other byte being the same, doesn’t this make for a strange situation?
A “fix” is easy – simply changing the byte back will have the ROM boot again, although you’ll also want the checksum/maker fixes to have the game detect as Satellaview-based in emulators. Yet, the question of why it’s even like this in the first place remains.

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