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I’ve contributed to Hardcore Gaming 101!

Hey, guys, check this page out!

See that little section on the Satellaview Dezaemons? I feel pretty sweeet, now. HG101’s been an awesome site, and contributing to it in a substantial manner feels kind of like an accomplishment!

There hasn’t been much news on the “Satellaview Shooting Trilogy” since I sent that info down, BTW. The 8M Memory Packs have been eluding me lately. 🙁

I hope sooner or later I’ll be able to snag “BS-X Shooting” at least.

25 thoughts on I’ve contributed to Hardcore Gaming 101!

  1. I have only the Chrono Trigger DS version, Chrono Cross GH and their stodnuracks (CT OSV, CT OST, CC OST and Chrono Symphonic) missing me CT The blink of Time & CT Orchestra Extra Soundtrack and i feel like a lucky guy but you’re a really LUCKY guy and your Chrono collection are so beautiful. Thanks for share this masterwork to all us.

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