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More about St.GIGA in general.

So, I was on #protos on tonight, and Garrett asked me if I found any recent St.GIGA video ups lately.
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I can’t tell two Zeldas apart.

You guys remember long ago when folks were trying to figure out what “Charumera Ramen Zelda no Densetsu” was? We had quite the laugh when Nintendo replied to a question about it with a stock BS Zelda answer.

Well, now MadHatter has informed me of a kind Youtube user’s uploadings

Did this person, indeed, snatch THE Charumera Ramen no Zelda? I can’t wait to bomb some do-…. er, see this!

…. er…

… perhaps I was expecting a bit much.
I even tried cross-checking it with a video of the original Disk’s intro;

and ending…

… but found no visible difference!

Oh, irony doth bite like a horny vampire. I don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

Aw, well. Maybe someday a more significant release will come around…


From the lull after the storm-ish….

Putting a few small things up as an excuse to update.
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