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Busy busy busy – 1: Correction! XP

It seems the previous post was mistaken. I was planning to update it sooner, but I got heavily sidetracked by some other things, so I’ll just throw this up now;

BS Zelda Homepage… not moving?

” Ok guys, here’s the lowdown: Zelda Legends isn’t going to be taken down. Misleading messages led to a massive amount of misunderstandings.

They’re moving to a new, smaller and less expensive, server. Because of this, they are not able to continue supporting all their hosted sites. However Davogones did not wish to get rid of all hosted sites, especially ours. Upon discovering that Khuffie had told us otherwise, he’s proceeded to clear up things with him and make sure we can stay after moving to the new server.

So to make a long story short… we’re not going anywhere.

Neither are we getting extra webspace, but fortunately there won’t be any links to change and update both for us and those that linked to the page over the last ten years.”

… ^^;;;

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