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DS VS. BS: Shin Monshou’s Akaneia Senki Maps.

I don’t necessarily know how picky folks are about permissions, but I don’t see any reason to think ScarletSword would mind if I embed his videos here…

Here’s a look at how the BS Fire Emblem chapters appear in the new DS Fire Emblem game. The most obvious thing of note besides the graphical style is the musical choices used – the music in Palace Kanryaku is a Prologue piece made originally for “Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon” in the DS, and is obviously not a Satellaview music piece. aw, well!

From what I can gather, the maps are just as difficult as ever. Check out how many units a player of normal competence may lose. Ouch.

Rather unfortunately, there seems to be no new equivilant CG Art, nor any option to view the old CG Art from the original BS FE. 🙁

Here also is a bit from Akai Ryu Kishi.

All four BS Fire Emblem maps seem to be present – from what I’ve heard they’re unlocked after clearing the game’s “Prologue” chapters which introduce the new “My Unit” character.

I’m gonna assume ScarletSword will upload videos with Seigi no Tozokudan and Hajimari no Toki soon.

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