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Copypasta from Serenesforest – NND recreates BSFE music.

This is a bit of filler re-post from a Serenesforest thread. A few edits are in place as a louse excuse for me to have pointless alterations:

“A bit of something that I nearly missed out on, based on the date of this upload:

A particular fan has attempted recreating three of the BS Fire Emblem songs – namely the “God’s Young Sage” and “Theme of Live” remixes and the “Planning”/”Victory” Medley.

I was able to extract a single mp3, much like with IntSys’s upload of the song “WIND” from before:

Currently the streaming embeds don’t work here. Aw, well.
Trying for an Mp3 DL link here.

The songs sound very nicely done, although even with the low-quality encodes we have, I can tell the guy didn’t quite have all the sound samples the original used. In particular, the organ in the medley lacks the “church-like” organ sound, sand generally sounds more analog-synthed than sound-sampled.”

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