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“Hello Satellaview!” homebrew ROM is born.

So, the past few days on #serioushax @ Caffienet on IRC, I’ve been talking to Seru-kun for a bit. He was interested in making a Satellaview homebrew app, and was asking me for help. Typical of me, I had to have an obvious blank spot in my research somewhere, so I wasn’t as helpful as I could’ve been… but eventually he got something out!

“Hello Satellaview!”

The ROM can be downloaded here

This app is most notable for, besides the fact that it’s the first homebrew Satellaview app I’ve seen, filling in info on a blank spot in the Satellaview Header Data that I didn’t know of before. Check the section on “Pointers”. Yes, I kinda didn’t know that before. Seru-kun eventually figured it out on his own. Rather embarrassing. D:

The ROM boots on BSNES. Kinda doubt there’s a way to test it on a actual BS-X cartridge at the moment, and there may not be as long as the only methods would involve destroying old packs… but hey, a man can dream, yes?

In the meantime, Seru-kun and I are talking about the potential benefits and limitations of working homebrew on Satellaview. He may soon release yet another homebrew app that uses the Satellaview-specific registers to some degree. And maybe this time I won’t be missing important information…. nah, I probably will. pft.

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DS VS. BS: Shin Monshou’s Akaneia Senki Maps.

I don’t necessarily know how picky folks are about permissions, but I don’t see any reason to think ScarletSword would mind if I embed his videos here…
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Copypasta from Serenesforest – NND recreates BSFE music.

This is a bit of filler re-post from a Serenesforest thread. A few edits are in place as a louse excuse for me to have pointless alterations:

“A bit of something that I nearly missed out on, based on the date of this upload:

A particular fan has attempted recreating three of the BS Fire Emblem songs – namely the “God’s Young Sage” and “Theme of Live” remixes and the “Planning”/”Victory” Medley.

I was able to extract a single mp3, much like with IntSys’s upload of the song “WIND” from before:

Currently the streaming embeds don’t work here. Aw, well.
Trying for an Mp3 DL link here.

The songs sound very nicely done, although even with the low-quality encodes we have, I can tell the guy didn’t quite have all the sound samples the original used. In particular, the organ in the medley lacks the “church-like” organ sound, sand generally sounds more analog-synthed than sound-sampled.”


ROM Release Rush – Hey, this one isn’t a Data Pack…!

Since I’ve been having a bit of a computer shuffle lately, I figured I should finish up releasing these ROMs before I forget to. Unfortunately, this means they aren’t all entirely researched thoroughly, but it’s better to make sure they’re up now, I guess.

A bit ago, Callis sent me this ROM. While it has the RPG Tsukuru brand, it does not seem to be a RPG Tsukuru 2 add-on, but rather a standalone “RPG Tsukuru SUPER DANTE” product.

“Jewel of Live” is a seemingly simple Dragon Quest-like JRPG. With a focus on grinding and little to nothing in terms of puzzles or exploration, it’s probably not something one would normally consider much fun to play. Perhaps it’s plot is compelling? Unfortunately, I do not believe I know enough Japanese to fan-translate it. It seems a bit complex for the simple gameplay, though.

I’ve tried researching the nature of this – is it an indie-developed product? A fan-made product put up for distribution? Or just something ASCII put up themselves to promote their RPG making tool? Again, hoping someone who has more info can give me some more details. :)

The game should run in BSNES, SNESGT, or SNES9X.


As typical, my next two releases are magazines. First up….

A Magazine about Japanese “Idols”. I do not think I have this specific one’s proper title, but I can clearly make out メディア・ストロベリー (Media Strawberry), so it’s reason for now to call this “Media Strawberry Volume 12″.

Among the pictures you’ll see are a mixture of real-life and… these really crude drawings. I thought people liked Idols because they looked pretty? Indeed, I’m fairly certain these are supposed to be cartoonish interpretations of the actual idols. Aw, well.

I’ve tried googling up the “Media Strawberry” term, but none of the results appear related to this. It’s possible the folks behind this magazine are defunct or changed their identities. In the meantime, here’s the ROM.

Media Strawberry Volume 12 | メディア・ストロベリー VOL. 12
ROM Download

After this last one, I’ll be more or less finished releasing all I’ve gotten up to this point. Here’s hoping the next few months have a slew of new material to work with!

To start, notice how I got a screencap from BSNES this time? It’s because you’ll need it to run this one.
After a while of trying to read the Katakana at the title screen of this, I… gave up, checked Wikipedia, and noticed it matched with ドレミでふぁ~! (DoReMi DeFa~!)
This appears to be from the original “DoReMi DeFa~!” Line – previous ROM dumps were of “DoReMi DeFa 2~!”, which covered the same material but in a notably different formatting…


“DoReMi DeFa~!” is a music-themed magazine which has things like TOP charts and whatnot. As we can see in this issue, Bob Marley was big in this time, for some reason.

DoReMi DeFa~! Volume 6 5/4 | ドレミでふぁ~!VOL. 6 5/4
ROM Download

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ROM Release – Whats? Unsorted and Unplayable, how do these Data Packs work?

(EDIT: For some reason some issues came around with the filenames of these files before. I went and did a quick-fix for the time being.)
I remember quite a while a go posting a guide for how to boot the Same Game Koma data pack. Unfortunately, as Callis dumped more and more ROMs, I found that other data packs do not seem to work with same method – to the best of my knowledge, many of these simply will not work.

So I’ve decided to just put these up as is as see if other people can help analyze them. Because I have not been able to run these, I do not know of the contents of them.

A piece of data labeled “Nintendo 97 Race Data” or somesuch. The closest I can get to something that’d match up to this is a listing of a title called「ダビスタ96」対応− 97年度版, (Derby Stallion 96 Support, Version 1997.)

A Data Pack which has a header of “Same Game Koma Editor 4″

Some SD Gundam G-Next data.

sets of data labeled “Kanaderu Convert”. Are they all the same?

Some Sound Novel Tsukuru data

And finally, this assorted set of data packs, which seem to be RPG Tsukuru and Sound Novel Tsukuru data.

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