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Ah, something new! RPG Tsukuru 2 download data.

Took long enough for a (relevant) update, huh?

Today NicoNicoDouga got a nice upload of RPG Tsukuru 2 Custom Data. As I explained earlier (I hope), RPG Tsukuru 2 took 8M Memory Packs as “data carts” where save data could be read and written upon. Many times, St.GIGA would have custom data up for download on the Satellaview, where you’d download it using the BS-X cartridge and then check out the data on RPG Tsukuru 2.

The video I have obtained apparently has footage from a Satellaview-exclusive RPG Tsukuru 2 download, called “Go By Ryoma”.

【RPGツクール2】「龍馬でゆく」(サテラビュー配信作品) 前編少しだけ

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