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Satellaview Soundtracks – BS Zelda music, as from album sources.

Y’know, figuring this out was kinda what made me feel useful to the BS Zelda forums in the first place, isn’t it?
A few years ago they more or less had little idea if BS Zelda Map 1’s music was featured in any soundtracks, but I figured there had to have been something – particularly since certain songs were arranged from Kamigami no Triforce, and others “felt” old, if you catch my drift.

So, I went on a search to find Nintendo soundtracks. The bad news was that I didn’t find everything, and it’s sure as heck not in one soundtrack.
The good news, though? I found some of the more “creative” ones, so to speak. The ones that weren’t accounted for, I’ve attempted to try mixing with some interesting results

It seems that BS Zelda mixed and matched musical sources, and as such this is not a complete listing. Still…


06. Overworld (Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce)

07. Dark Overworld (Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce)

From “Game Music Grafitti”

11. Zelda no Densetsu

From “TOY MUSIC – Dancing Super Mario Brothers”

9. Zelda no Densetsu

Prior to finding these, the BS Zelda Homepagealready had tracks from “Zelds Sound & Drama” hosted on their site. For convenience’s sake, I’m putting up the arrange tracks on here as well. Yay.

01. Overworld

02. Theme of the Guessing Game House

03. Sanctuary Dungeon

04. Hyrule Castle

05. Forest Theme

06. Dark Overworld

07. The Goddess Appears

08. Kakariko Village

2 thoughts on Satellaview Soundtracks – BS Zelda music, as from album sources.

  1. Hey dude i was wondering if you can do me a favour and upload these in flac that would be cool bro.
    Super Mario Brothers 1. 2. 3. -Hop! Step! Jump!-
    Game Music Graffiti or its three subsequent albums Famicom Graffiti: Nintendo Cartridge Edition, Famicom Graffiti: Nintendo Disk Card Edition, and Game Boy Graffiti

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