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St.GIGA on Youtube (along with yet another “Last Day” video.)

I decided to go a quick Youtube search on Satellaview and St.GIGA today. Pleasantly enough, stuff has been recently uploaded. 😀

There’s a whole bunch of these, so I’m hitting the “More” button before putting them all down.

Let’s start with yet another recording of the “LAST DAY”. Uploaded by ayljzpgj;

The most notable difference with this one is the “Space”-like effect for the loading screen rather than the “Water” effect in the other videos.

comingyeah0822 uploaded this St.GIGA TV Ad.

theta400 uploaded this St.GIGA ad as well;

Last but not least, I’ll put up some Satellaview-related ones from a time ago uploaded by MikarinBSX. The first one has the Ge-mu Tora no Ooana segment where they interview Takahashi Meijin, but with the video of what’s happening in the BIOs companying it.

The second is a bit of footage from Satellawalker 2, Dai-1-wa.

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