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Koi ha Balance – Battle of Lovers

Squaresoft seemed to like treating the Satellaview like a little playground. Games like Treasure Conflix and Dynamitracer seemed to throw around a different atmosphere than their typical “Final Fantasy” work.

And then this came along and pushed it a bit over the edge.

Koi Ha Balance – Battle of Lovers is a board game. Yes, a board game.
It’s about scoring with lots of girls. Literally (although not sexually).
It goes hilariously over the top in nearly everything it does.

This gameplay video I put up (recorded off emulating. Yes I am a cheap butt) shows only a fraction of gameplay, and already you see things like men emoing over being single, battles with muscle-bound homosexual stereotypes, and men stealing other guys’ girls by the ultimate superpower of materialism!

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  1. I’ll admit this is barely modified from an old WordPress theme.

    May I ask if your blog’s subject matter may be of interest to me?

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