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Satella-Shooting Trilogy

A lot of Satellaview games, even the downloaded ones, are rarities. Take a look at these, for example.

This game, called “Dezaemon BS-X Version” when loaded, was just one of many of the available Satellaview downloads that could be stored up.

“Dezaemon BS-X Version”, in fact, is one of 3 of a set of downloadables called the “Satella-Shooting Trilogy”.

That’s the 2nd one. And next is the last…

On a note of “DEZAEMON” in general, apparently it’s a series of Shoot-em-up Creator kits. It has been released on various platforms.

A note to ROM finders: I can not find any ROMs of these three games. Help would be appreciated in that endeavor.

EDIT: For the sake of properly giving credit where credit’s due, the original NicoNicoDouga links.

01 BS-Xシューティング

02 すごいSTG 人体

03  クリスタルガーディアン

These will be used when applicable, as long as the videos stay up on the site itself.

Note that I’ve collected some videso from NicoNicoDouga which have since been deleted. In those cases, I will note as such.

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