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BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban, Week 2

I honestly can’t tell if I’m doing these fast enough. Aw, well!

Here’s some more Zelda. This is week 2 of Inishie no Sekiban. Of note in this video; this is apparently someone different from whom played last time, and, well, he’s apparently missed some stuff from the previous week! No worry for him, though, as the thieves at the location of the previous two dungeons got the stuff he needs to progress. (This probably did mess with his score tally, though.)

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Listen to the Satellaview – Radio Programming (Part 1?)

I’ve already shown how the Satellaview streamed Satellite Audio for the use of some of it’s game titles. Did I also mention that Satellaview users could stream audio at other times, as well?

The Satellaview was able to stream Satellite audio programming at set times during the day.

On top of this, special radio programming was produced. To have on content that catered to the interests of gamers, St. Giga’s radio shows during the Satellaview’s listening hours consisted of videogame news and discussion, along with the occasiaonal piece of pop music.

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Satellaview Advertising

When you look for Satellaview videos on Youtube, the most likely results you’ll come across are, well, ads.

They’re pretty funky ads, too.

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What is this I don’t even

Various things downloaded from the Satellaview were not games at all.

Soemtimes it’s hard to even figure out what they is. (My English just died here)

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