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BS Tantei Club Finale.

this is Week 3 of BS Tantei Club. This is the final episode, which makes BS Tantei Club a peculiar 3-episode Satellaview game.

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BS Zelda Inishie no Sekiban, Week 4 (End)

Woo hoo! With this, I’ll have all the videos relevant to this game on here. Then when the scripts and translations are done, you can all enjoy the experience of watching someone playing a very linear videogame! 🙂

BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban, Dai-4-wa; the final episode!

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BS Super Mario USA, Week 1

The only words I can put to describe this are; Fear Birdo. DREAD Birdo. Birdo is scary.

This is week 1 of BS Super Mario USA, in embedded cruddy VHS video format.

BS Super Mario USA is based off the “Super Mario USA” portion of “Super Mario Collection” for the Super Famicom.

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“Burst of Laughter” Radio programming.

The Satellaview had a relatively frequent radio program called 放課後の王様.

What exactly it was about, I do not know. But maybe I would if I could comprehend Japanese, because I got these recordings.

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Download Game – BS F-Zero 2

To clarify why there’s confusion, I shall steal a Youtube video of BS F-Zero 2…. well, the one that’s going around as a ROM now. Compare it with the videos in the previous post. The differences should be readily apparent.

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Confusion – Live Broadcast BS F-Zero 2.

Anyway, I’m sure a few of you have heard of “BS F-Zero 2”. It was a Satellaview download, was it?… well, actually, it seems to also be multiple Satellaview Downloads… or something.

This actually confused me for a while – still does, honestly. There’s no ROM dumps of the Soundlink versions, and it seems most of the internet forgot about it’s existence. But then these vids got uploaded on NicoNicoDouga…

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