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BS Marvelous Camp Arnold Course 2.

For people who checked the old blog: You may have noticed that the edited posts seem to have removed (rather inconsistently) a bit of the corny humor – and sometimes actually replaced it with rather helpful descriptors. What? Helpful? Impossible!

This is partly because I wanted to try to genericize the information resources a bit. Unfortunately, the more I try this, the more I realize I’m failing.

Aw, well…

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BS Marvelous Camp Arnold Week 1

Let me get out a bit on BS Marvelous.

There were two BS Marvelous “games” on the Satellaview; Time Athletics Course and Camp Arnold Course. There’s apparently also a standard Super Famicom version of Marvelous.

The game seems to has the engine and some gameplay bits taken obviously from Zelda: A Link to the Past. However, it’s themes seem to resemble more down-to-earth, Boy Scouts-esque survival, environmental interactions and the like.

As I’m not quite sure which one came first yet, I’ll start with Camp Arnold.

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