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Wario’s First Event and Pirates that beeps

Hey, LuigiBlood here, and happy new year, because I got a nice batch of redumps but also a bunch of new stuff.

I’ll just put the redumps out of the way from an anonymous person, first.

These are all identical to what was dumped in the past so I won’t really explain much, just rely on the included txt file to help you figure out.

BS Marvelous – Time Athletic Course 1 | BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック コース1 (Redump + “Fixed” header)
ROM Download

F-Zero (Retail, Redump)
ROM Download

Super Bomberman (Retail, Redump)
ROM Download

Now, the cooler stuff:

From Ballz who got us a nice Memory Pack with a new version of WaiWai Check, dumped by our nice Matthew Callis 🙂

It’s basically a series of spot the difference under a time limit game, which can be played up to players, and of course you can have a password to send via postcard.

These have gotten different versions dumped in the past, but this one is from a different date, and names itself a rerun, so this seems interesting. It’s a pretty fun game, actually.

The Memory Pack also contains Kouryaku Casino Bar Nichiyoubi – Roulette but it’s actually corrupted.

WaiWai Check! 11/15 Rerun | わいわいチェック! 11/15 再放送
ROM Download


Now all the rest are from people who prefers to stay anonymous:

This is Jissen! Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Yamasa Densetsu. This is just the exact same data as the retail game, but it is technically new because we had never found this one on Satellaview before. The music actually impressed me a lot when I tried it (and then didn’t understand how to even play).

There’s really a lot of casino and pachislot games, aren’t there?

Jissen! Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Yamasa Densetsu | 実戦パチスロ必勝法!山佐伝説
ROM Download


This one scared me. The file name is actually different, but it’s STILL BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 Practice. But it’s… weirdly different in the data itself that I thought it deserved a bit of attention because of the Password screen actually showing up this time, according to TCRF this screen does not really show up normally, but I played this and it does show up here.

I couldn’t tell any other difference otherwise, but I’m sure some F-Zero fans could maybe check.

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 Practice (6/7)
ROM Download


I asked ChronoMoogle to help me figure out this new magazine, and he wrote a nice summary:

Zubari Sangatsu Gou (Concise March Issue) is a month-themed magazine by St. Giga.

It features the following sections:
1. A section looking at cultural customs, dishes, events and such of March
2. Holidays of the month – Vernal Equinox Day (Shunbun no Hi) in this case
3. Advertisement for the flower store Shimojima with related present raffle
4. Music Charts – Consisting of the “current” Top 20 most sold CDs in Japan and a International Top 20 curated by St. Giga
5. New book recommendations, advertising Kodansha
6. Advertisement for seasonal sweets from Toraya
7. Horoscopes of the month

The magazine uses fonts from the BS-X BIOS, but the graphics (mostly backgrounds and pixelated photos) and more importantly, the music appears to be stored in the ROM, so there might be some original BGMs in there.

The other thing that the anonymous person made me pay attention on, this magazine released around the time when Nintendo would stop support for the Satellaview entirely, as they dropped around that time after a pretty complicated to explain debacle between Nintendo and St. GIGA’s future planning…

Again, thanks to ChronoMoogle to help us figure this out 🙂

Zubari Sangatsu Gou | ずばり3月号
ROM Download

Zubari Sangatsu Gou | ずばり3月号
SPC Download


Wario’s Woods on Satellaview is kinda weird, it had a lot of presence somehow, we got several versions of it, but I believe this is the last one to find: this is Wario’s Woods Event Version 1.

We had Version 2 before, and if you wonder who are these people, they’re part of Bakusho Mondai performers and they’re Satellaview personalities who show up on the radio on Satellaview.

There are changed menus and stuff, but the naming of the file is weird. “Event Wario 5/18 Version 2” which is… very unclear. I’m not entirely sure of the context here, but I’m glad that we have sort of completed the Wario’s Woods Satellaview collection.

Wario’s Woods – Event Version 1 | ワリオの森 イベントバージョン Ver. 1
ROM Download


Now the real star of the show:

After many many years, we finally got Pico Pico Pirates! It was a game that we knew the existence of for a long time, but simply could never find it until today.

The developer is not really listed, there are rumors that it was made during a seminar, but there’s no definitive source for that. The game kinda feels like Super Scope 6 in some way, but make no mistake, it isn’t.

This is basically a game where you shoot pirates from a flying Super Nintendo controller, and of course, you have to press the buttons where they show up at. It gets really crazy after several stages of this, it is difficult to finish.

But this isn’t the only thing that we could find from this specific Memory Pack…

There’s another RPG Maker Super Dante game in it, which a portion of the data was overwritten by Pico Pico Pirates.

After comparing with other Satellaview Super Dante games, I found out that this is actually completely recoverable, and while we cannot confirm the full validity of the data, this meant this could be made playable, and lucky are we when I found out there’s a video of this specific RPG on YouTube:

The intro seems to fully correspond to what I have, so I made the header data correspond to the video. This is the first time that I have recovered something in this way, and I’m glad that it works.

This is called Sugoi RPG? (could be translated like “A Great RPG?”, this seems to be the second and final part of it, where visibly a lot of events happened and seems to be a game that doesn’t take itself seriously featuring Famitsu and its staff.

Here’s the download to get both:

Pico Pico Pirates | PICO PICO パイレーツ
“A Great RPG?” -Last Part- | 「すごいRPG?」ーこうへんー (Recovered)
ROM Download

And there you have it folks, I’m very glad that we got a bunch of previously undumped Satellaview content today, and here’s to have more of them in the future!

A huge thanks to everyone involved for these releases!