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Rom Release Rush Tsuu

Oh, after finding this one, that pun just could not be avoided…

“Puyo Puyo Tsuu BS Ban”.
When Callis first handed me this ROM, neither of us were sure how it was different from the standard game. As it turns out, it appears to be a demo – my gameplay and these translations provided by Sonic Retro forum member Insalubrious support the idea;

Puyo Puyo Tsuu Test Version
Choose how you want to play.
#1: Play alone (right side is computer)
#2: Play with two people

(Header) Please select the rules
(Bottom) Normal rules

(Bottom) Cannot play

(Bottom) Erase 6

Another thing of note is that Callis told me that, with this ROM header date and his info on the release of the cartridge version, that this was likely broadcast on the week of the download in 1995. After all, no sense in waiting a year to release a demo, eh?

Anyway, download time!

Puyo Puyo Tsuu BS Ban | ぷよぷよ通BS版
ROM Download

And now back to your regularly scheduled magazines…

Oh, yay! Is that some Famitsu I see there?
Dated 4/27, this Famitsu “Karara Ban” issue (whatsits?) covers such things as…


Game Boy Pockets…. I think. It could be Game Boy Light, but… yeah.

A lot of this is vaguely similar to the Famitsu listing that is on the SFC Mania Blog.

BS Famitsu Magazine Karara Ban 4/27 | BS ファミ通マガジン かわら版 4/27号
ROM Download

(PS. Excuse the Famitsu ROM’s name. Callis gave that one and I’m being a lazy bum right now.)

ROM Release Rush, featuring Tamori no Picross.

Hey folks. Today I plan to put out a few more ROMs than usual.

Most of these ROMs are apparently Magazines based on the Satellaview’s radio content, but I’ll start with one that’s a game rather than just a magazine..

Tamori no Picross is, from what I can understand, a long series of weekly installments of Picross puzzles. According to the Japanese Wikipedia, it was broadcast to coincide with a radio show called 『サバチーチカレッジ タモロス博士のサンデーゼミナール』 (“Sunday Seminar with Dr. Tamorosu Sabachichikarejji”).
The header has a specific broadcast date of June 13th in the title of the game, whereas the download was, IIRC, just a few days later.

As you can see, the one in this ROM has a lot of resemblance to “Mario no Super Picross”. However, it doesn’t look a thing like the one featured in the ads, which was much closer to the original/first season of the program. Did the game somehow “Change format” at some point? I may never know without finding a premire ROM, but… aw, well.

Tamori no Picross 6/13 | タモリのピクロス 6/13

The second ROM…

When I initially found this, I was hoping it’d be the elusive Soundlink game “Bakusho Mondai no Totsugeki! Star Pirates”. Instead, I seem to have obtained something else with their name tagged on it.

“Bakusho Mondai no Shirikon Chounaikai” is apparently a magazine meant to have articles based on the radio show of the same name which was also on the Satellaview…

Stuff like… Star Wars parodies. Very odd.

Bakusho Mondai apparently described the show themselves on their website.

Bakusho Mondai no Shirikon Chounaikai 6/22 | 爆笑問題のシリコン町内会 6/22

And last one for now…

Yuuki Nae no Ge-mu no Tsubo. Yuuki’s name is one I keep seeing repeatedly throughout the Satellaview’s history. This particular magazine seems to be about… I dunno. But it’s probably also related to her other stuff.


Yuuki Nae no Ge-mu no Tsubo | 裕木奈江のGE-MUの壷

Expect some more soon!