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WaiWai de Q = Satella-Q? They appear to be one and the same.

The relatively substantial burst in Satellaview-related uploads from NicoNicoDouga have shown a great deal about St. GIGA’s Satella-Q series.
Right after the “Sayonara Heisei Q Nen” upload, another set was put up right away…

But, huh, WaiWai De Q’s the name now? Actually, it seems St. GIGA could hardly make up their minds on this themselves at the time considering how they swap the titles even throughout the broadcast.
The recordings are from part 4 of “Haru no Michi” – the last of the series under the “WaiWai de Q” name. After this one, all the future broadcasts were under Satella-Q.

I’ve been learning a lot about the Satella-Q series – much thanks goes to the generous NicoNicoDouga uploaders – and I’ve been supplying what I know to the Mario Wiki, as well. (I may need to adjust that title, though…)

BS サテラQ わいわいでQ 春の採点4週目 その1
BS サテラQ わいわいでQ 春の採点4週目 その2
BS サテラQ わいわいでQ 春の採点4週目 その3

Videos after the “more” of course.

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St. GIGA history – Sound of the Earth series.

I’ve said before how I wanted to take a bit more of a look into St. Giga’s Pre-Satellaview history, and it seems like I got something nice for it – a CD-R Copy in the mail. 🙂

“St. GiIGA Sound of the Earth
Ambient Soundscape 11: Prayers for the Spirit of Nature”

A bit of info on this series of CDs as a whole can be found on their site.

Is the CD anything special? Well, it’s certainly unique. It consists of not much more or less than the sounds of splashing water mixed in with various other “nature” sound effects. The tracks are done in such as a way as to sound transition-less when on played, all meant to go together.

I’ve ripped the music for anyone else who is interested.
To listen to the sounds in MP3 format…. Yeah, y’know, the “more” link.

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Satella-Q – the most obscure Toad-starring game ever?

(Minor edits: A “-” symbol apparently goes in the title, now that I’ve seen the videos closely.
Watch for “SATELLA-Q SINCE 1995”)
NicoNicoDouga has been kind to me today and has put up more Soundlink video uploads. Did they notice I was running dry?
This particular one was a bit of a mystery to me for a while – Satella-Q.
Satella-Q is, apparently, a quiz game.
It’s kinda strange that a game starring a Mario character could be so obscure, but it’s likely because this is a VERY Japanese quiz game, being used to advertise J-Pop models and products.
The player accumulates a high score by getting questions right and completing minigames. The questions seem highly pop-culture centric – a whole SECTION is apparently to identify J-Pop songs!

Since I’m not sure whether people’ve caught on that these were originally on NicoNicoDouga I’ll link the original URLS -before- the “more” button.

BS サテラQ さよなら平成Q年 其の1

BS サテラQ さよなら平成Q年 其の2

BS サテラQ さよなら平成Q年 其の3

I may also revise my old posts so that the original links show first, but I’ll see how this goes first.

But anyway, on to the videos! These are, from “Satella-Q – Sayonara Heisei Q Nen”.

As usual, the “more” button gives you the goods.

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Satellaview Soundtracks – BS-X – New SPC rips.

I once ripped a new SPC from the BS-X ROM, but didn’t want to make a post about it until more were ripped – well, now more -are – ripped. Thanks to Vehiek at the BS Zelda forums for those. This discussion in the forums sparked the music rips. Also in that forum thread is another video to download, which is a variant o the “LAST DAY”. It is notable for having some of the new music which was ripped.

hit the “More” button for the songs.

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