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Game Toranoana Special.

NicoNicoDouga recently got up a new bit of Satellaview radio programming. I figured I’d put it up here, along with a little something else I found that’s related to it.

A frequent recurring radio host on the Satellaview’s “Super Famicom Hour” was called the “Game Toranoana”. It’s apparently based off Comic Toranoana, and the show features a lot of discussion.

This one, apparently a “Special”, makes frequent references to the Nintendo 64. When you think about it, it must be sad for these guys to have to advertise the console that was meant to usurp them. Well, at least the Satellaview lasted longer than Randnet did.

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BS Marvelous Camp Arnold Course 2.

For people who checked the old blog: You may have noticed that the edited posts seem to have removed (rather inconsistently) a bit of the corny humor – and sometimes actually replaced it with rather helpful descriptors. What? Helpful? Impossible!

This is partly because I wanted to try to genericize the information resources a bit. Unfortunately, the more I try this, the more I realize I’m failing.

Aw, well…

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