A Satellaview research blog.


The objective of this blog is, at the moment, to write down everything I believe I understand about the Japanese Super Famicom add-on called the Satellaview. The piece of hardware, and the software associated with it, is at various times misunderstood or unrecognized. Confusion often comes around when people think the “B” stands for “Bandai”, or question why a certain game ROM lacks music when they play it on their favorite emulator, assuming the game even runs.

To put it shortly, not much is known about the Satellaview, and I hope to rectify that with this blog.

If this is your first time hearing of this stuff, Wikipedia is your friend.. For whatever’s not on Wikipedia, though – and there’s quite an amount – I hope my descriptions will give you a better understanding of the device. If you’re a fellow nerd like myself, I hope you get questions answered just like I got a few answered myself. If you think any of my information is wrong, comment on it, but be sure to back up your statement with as much foundation as my information is backed-up on.

If you’re here looking for ROMs, I’ll offer what I can, but bear in mind, I’m looking for ROMs just as much as you are.

If you don’t understand what I mean, you will see ii you look into the blog that I have video media of games which do not have ROM dumps. How do I get these? Well, at the moment all of the ones I’m referring to are still on NicoNicoDouga ( http://www.nicovideo.jp/ ) and, if you wanted to, you could find them, as well. Note that a lot of Satellaview material has been deleted from there, though. If I have a video that used to be up there, but isn’t, I’ll consider showing it here for you guys to see.

In the year since this blog’s been around, I’ve been able to gather quite a bit of information and generate fan-interest in further research, and I hope to continue this trend.

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