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The mystery of the BS Dragon Quest ROM, continued.

So, when I went to practice my livestreaming, I used the BS Dragon Quest ROM as my ginuea pig.

Here’s one of the videos I put up. I apologize that it’s probably crummy – I’m playing blind in part because I suspect it might be easier to find Satellaview-specific elements if I’m not using a guide tailored for quick advancement through the game.

If you stay tuned until the end, you might notice I found something ELSE peculiar about the ROM, in comparison to the original broadcast.

I would like to once again ask, can anyone here PLEASE tell me where this originated from?

In the meantime, I put up for download the hack of the ROM. It’s just a quick header hack – the most obvious error is that there’s a ASCII “I” from the end of the english “BS DRAGON QUEST I” name that overwrote the file allocation byte. After changing that up, the game boots as expected and runs with no issues on a sd2snes.

BS Dragon Quest I header hack (for sd2snes)
ROM download

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