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Dailymotion video move

Just a small update. Unfortunately the blog hasn’t been updated with anything relevant lately due to the previous events referred to.

I hope to make up for this sometime. Maybe next year? As Mr. Iwata would say, “Please understand.”

Anyway, on the note of the YouTube stuff, I would like to say that due to all that, from henceforth up until YouTube bows to my feet and prays for forgivemess, I will be using Dailymotion.

Yes, I know I called Dailymotion “the darkest depths of hell” before, but hey, they let me be Official User now! 😀

… I’m such a sellout.

Since I made sure to list all the YouTube Satellaview videos as “Unlisted” rather than private, for my own ease, this will not retroactively affect the blog. But coming forward, expect Dailymotion embeds rather than YouTube ones, for better or for worse.

3 thoughts on Dailymotion video move

  1. Between Twitch and DAilymotion, I’ve felt swamped. 🙁

    Doesn’t help that certain things haven’t gone as planned. D:

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