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Last-minute ROM release.

Because it’s still technically Christmas in some time zones.
To be edited with some actual better documentation later.

Hikaru Ijuin no Houkago no Ousama (??/??) (d) | 伊集院光の放課後の王様
ROM download

video is here.

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Spreading Christmas glee from Wii years ago.

Since I don’t have anything Satellaview-y for Christmas ready this year, I’ll try making up a bit for it by putting up this Christmas-y Nintendo program from 2010. A brief, one-episode special revival of the “Super Mario Club” TV Show program I once brought up on the blog many years ago.

Also, it’s a nice test of the Dailymotion embedding.

復活!スーパーマリオクラブ 20101225 (未編集・CMあり 704×396… by Satellablog

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