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Why Fact Integrity Is Important (Or, “Don’t try to lie to me about the Satellaview.”)

I would just like to relate a story to you all to pad for time while I wait for Callis to dump some 8M Packs I lent him.

As you might have seen, my Youtube page is pretty popular, seemingly because Japan loves Sega Pico games. Regardless of the reason, I’ve decided to try investing deeper into the Youtube community to further enrich the internet’s Satellaview knowledge.

Unfortunately that hit a snag when I tried asking a certain uploader about an 8M Pack he showed on one of his videos. Since outside of my e-mail logs this conversation has been removed from the internet, I’ll keep a degree of politeness by keeping this other person anonymous. That being said, here’s a quote straight from him:

F-Zero GP 2. but the 8mb Flash cart also had an early mario prototype aswell. thanks for watching,

I will note here that I considered this implausible from the start, because BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 – Practice takes up an entire 8M. That being said, I wanted to inquire more about this anyway – it’s easy to be mistaken about what the contents of something are. I was wondering if he actually had some data from BS Super Mario Collection or somesuch… hard to believe as that may have been.

Ah, if only I foresaw what kind of person I was talking to before he replied with this;

“actually most of the game that were downloaded were planned to be released in physical form. BS F-Zero 2 was in alpha state when it was for download and as they continued to work on it, they released more cups in “Parts” like BS zelda exept BS Z was for satellaview only. the early mario prototype is pretty much just a 3 level phyisics demo for what later became super mario 64. i had purchased this from a guy who worked at Param or marigul at nintendo. they later made Doshin on the N64DD.”

… when I showed this to TCRF, they had a good laugh. I, myself, was… honestly, trying to hide seething anger. I admit I actually did it well, mind.

I hope that you folks following the blog will know right away everything that’s wrong with what he said and why it’s completely impossible. If anyone needs it cleared up, though, I’ll set it straight:

1) As I mentioned before, every Satellaview F-Zero dump has taken an entire 8M’s worth of data.
2) Everything he said about the Satellaview in relation to “prototypes” is false, and it’s obvious he got his info from ROM scene kiddies obsessed with “teh baetas”.
3) His entire argument lies in the belief that “Super Mario FX” exists, but even if it did, the Satellaview can not play Super FX games. Needless to say, it also can’t play N64 games.

I expressed my disappointment in the realization that he was nothing more than a lying attention whore, rebutted his arguments, and it led to all the comments from both sides being deleted from Youtube.

Sad end, huh?

Sorry for not bringing out the BS Super Mario Collections, guys. This is the stuff I end up putting up with trying to look for them.

I highly recommend to anyone, for future reference, not to brazenly lie to me about anything regarding the Satellaview. I’m annoyed at how people like this have set back the internet’s knowledge on the subject about a decade behind what it should be. I can understand being mistaken, but this… bleh.

Yeah, I should just be laughing at this along with TCRF. Excuse my passion.

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