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Why Fact Integrity Is Important (Or, “Don’t try to lie to me about the Satellaview.”)

I would just like to relate a story to you all to pad for time while I wait for Callis to dump some 8M Packs I lent him.
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Added a quick ROM Dowload page!

Due to the fact that the site’s been up for a while, has released a large variety of ROMs, and the requests of a few folks who’d like navigating my site for specific contents they want a tad easier, I’ve made a new page where you can jump straight to downloading the ROMs.

If you don’t already see it on the sidebar yet, then click here to access it!

Feel free to give me any critique on the page. I know right now it’s been rather hastily and sloppily put together.
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BS-X “Cheat” Code: The Credits!

LuigiBlood found something great!

I always did want to know who actually worked on the BS-X ROM, and pending a translation here, we’ll be off to find some names. 🙂
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And it’s here already… (EDIT: Updated already, too!)

The new BS-X Fan Translation patch.
EDIT: Link has been updated to v02. This should work on the no-intro ROM. Folks who had issues, re-download!

I haven’t combed through it all yet, but this should be a good bit more complete than the previous patch.
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Update to the BS-X Fan Translation may be incoming!


LuigiBlood’s working on it, BTW.

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