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New (Bad) ROM redump: What’s wrong with this Excitebike?

A few days back a “Matthew Dickenson” tossed a $20 into my Paypal, so you can thank him for this one. Well, sorta, anyway. I wanted to give him credit for a donation, anyhow!

This ROM does not appear to be any good for playing, but…

Bad(?) Excitebike: Bunbun Mario Battle 1 ROM

The weird thing about this ROM is that, trying to compare it with the current circulating ROMs, it doesn’t appear to have any resemblance to them. Do any experienced hackers want to pry into this?

update 6/25 10:55 PM:

So, I tried doing some comparing with hex and besides the byte differences, there was one area of the ROM which was very blanked out in comparison to the version currently circulating, so I tried copying in the data.

Here’s the result.
It doesn’t make the checksum correct, so it isn’t exactly the “right” solution, but hey, the game plays!

There’s a few details that make this ROM different from the previous one from what I’ve seen, and they pop up at the very end of playing.

To start, at the Boo jump minigame, you only get one chance.
After the first go, you can’t do anything else but wait for the program to end.

Then, after this screen with Wario, which is expected..

You get this less expected advertisement…

And then, the score tally at the end also looks a tad different (for reasons besides the jumbled 1 graphic which may be my fault…)

I don’t know what the idea is with entering the 4-digit “code” there….
Update 6/26: Berri translated this portion:
“Predicted Ranking Placement:
Please predict which rank you’ll come in.
Change ranking with +. Decide with Start.”

Update again:

The game being advertised on the picture is the “Bass Tsuri No. 1 Haru no Zenkoku Tournament”, According to the ol’ faithful list of Soundlink game premieres, this was broadcast shortly after Excitebike 1 and 2.

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