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Hacking can make your own “Dezaemon BS-X Version”.

Updates really slow, huh? Well, let me toss this up here.

Luigiblood and I (but mostly Luigiblood) have been tampering around with the BS-X Shooting ROM.

First, BS-X Shooting was converted into a .srm file for the retail Dezaemon.
Here’s a bit of the technical info behind it;
The data in the BS-X Shooting ROM that corresponds to the BS-X Shooting game edit data is segmented sequentially at
00000-07FFF, 10000-17FFF, 20000-27FFF and 30000-37FFF respectively.
When you take these pieces and put combine them you get data that is palatable for a retail Dezaemon’s SRM file.

Likewise, it is possible to take a Dezaemon SFC Save file and convert it into a “Dezaemon BS-X Version” game! Simply swap the SRAM data in as goes; 00000-07FFF for 00000-07FFF, 08000-0FFFF for 10000-17FFF, 10000-17FFF for 20000-27FFF and 18000-1FFFF for 30000-37FFF.

(note that there do seem to be some oddities certain emulators pick up when trying to work with these – Luigiblood said bsnes-sx freezes up with a “SRAM Check” screen on them. I have tried these on my sd2snes without problem, though.)

Here’s a few quick n’ dirty hacks right now.
They’re in .smc format and have no real header to speak of, so hopefully you pop them open in any emulator or ROM loader and see how well they run!
“POD”, converted by Luigiblood
Game originally designed for SFC Dezaemon by dessgeega.

“Paris Dakar Rally Special”, converted by myself.
Was originally found here.

“Shooting Monner”, converted by myself.
Original save game can be downloaded here

If you’ve been checking my Youtube profile lately, you may have seen that I’ve been trying to archive a lot of Dezaemon saves. Obviously they ere useful for this, but I just want to say, it’d be really great if more of these could be preserved for the Super Famicom enthusiast.
If anyone here has a Dezaemon SFC save game and wants it preserved, send it to me! If you want your game to be converted into a standalone “Dezaemon BS-X Version” ROM, send it to me likewise!

This also goes for you RPG Tsukuru SUPER DANTE guys! I can convert JEWEL OF LIVE to FATE and vice-versa (It’s much easier than Dezaemon, since the data isn’t segmented or interleaved into anything else), but I have no other save games to work with on that regard. I’ve been considering trying to track down and possible dump the data of ASCII Turbo Files for this purpose – any help on that would be appreciated!

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  1. Hey I was just curious if you have archived any more Dezaemon games? Love the idea of preserving the fan made stuff. I just ordered myself a copy and can’t wait to dive in and contribute someday!

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