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I’m now playtesting Satellaview support on the sd2snes!

I got a sd2snes a couple weeks back, and I’ve been playing stuff on it for all it’s worth.
Of course, though, I gotta give special attention on the blog to the Satellaview stuff!

Yes, the sd2snes promises a higher Satellaview compatibility than any prior ROM loading cart before. This is thanks to the power of the sd2snes itself combined with LuigiBlood’s BS-X Project work and, well, my playtesting being used to iron out bugs.

This is, of course, on top of some of the other features the device has, such as compatibility with DSPs, CX4, MSU1, and really large ROMs such as Tales of Phantasia’s fan translation.

Feel free to read more about sd2snes on it’s own page!

The sd2snes will soon be available in stores such as StoneAgeGamer and RetroGate.

If anyone wants to ask me any questions about the sd2snes in terms of Satellaview compatibility or compatibility with other ROMs, feel free to leave comments. I’ll be glad to tinker around with a game that should logically be compatible.

10 thoughts on I’m now playtesting Satellaview support on the sd2snes!

  1. Thank you for checking it proper 😉
    When I tested it on my copier (PFXT2), the chara sprites just wouldn’t show up or were scrambled. The shooting phases/mode7 and everything else was fine, though.

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