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The 8M Pack vs. the GB cartridge

A few days back, a comment by eforie had a request for a comparison picture between the Satellaview 8M Pack and a Game Boy cartridge. I’m assuming this is because the two get compared often, to the point where some people may mistakenly think they’re cross-compatible for some reason.

I don’t have a camera on me currently, but thankfully Brad Parker, who’s been helpful in finding more resources to work with, has also decided to help out here. Props to him!

Here’s a little gallery comparing a normal Satellaview 8M Pack to a “GB Smart 32M” cartridge.

As you can see, the 8M Pack is slightly smaller in length, but is significantly thicker and wider, -especially- at the top.

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Interesting web cartoon/documentary, “Game Machine War”, covers Satellaview.

“The Sixth Game Machine War – 7 Minute Startup Version”
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I’m now playtesting Satellaview support on the sd2snes!

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