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NND Stuff: Bakusho(w) Mondai Presents and more.

Ah, I haven’t gotten around to putting up NND videos in a while, no?

I think starting from this one – since NND has been putting up uploader credits, I figure I may as well make sure they’re noted on the Blog, as well.

This one was credited to “gudaking”. It appears to be yet another Bakusho…w… Mondai segment. Yeah, the figure that shows as it plays appears to be from a magazine that accompanied it, and it features the “Bakushow” spelling as well as a sort of translation of the title.

Niconico.com link

This next one’s pretty interesting, too!… Actually, it’s probably even more interesting than the Bakushow one. To me, anyway. Even if it’s just a BS Tantei Club video.

This specific BS Tantei Club video has the first episode play through completely, with clean Soundlink audio – no SNES sound effects in the way! Imagine if parts 2 and 3 were also available in this manner…

This one is credited to “ミカリン”.

BS探偵倶楽部 前編
Niconico.com link

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