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BS-X Project site updated with latest bsnes-sx2.

Luigiblood’s got a bunch of updates as expected.

Some of the things you might be interested in seeing are “SatellaWave Lite”, which is designed to be used with bsnes-sx2’s BS-X server support. The emulator has also expanded to covering more aspects of Super Famicom/Super Nintendo emulation. Be sure to give it a look.


Hidden Music: Do-Re-Mi-deFa gives you it’s heart


NND Stuff: Bakusho(w) Mondai Presents and more.

Ah, I haven’t gotten around to putting up NND videos in a while, no?

I think starting from this one – since NND has been putting up uploader credits, I figure I may as well make sure they’re noted on the Blog, as well.
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