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New ROM Dumps, and how a board game can blow my mind.

“Sometimes we do awful things in our lives, even if we don’t know it. Sometimes the only proof that we’ve made mistakes – terrible mistakes the UNIVERSE ITSELF punishes us for – is that we look around and find we’re playing…Monopoly.”
Dinosaur Comics
Thanks to TVTropes for the quote.

… Ok, ok, I’m sorry, that was harsh. I’m not gonna turn back on my Satellaview research any time soon, now. 😛

But yes, Monopoly! This one… um… well, how do I put this? Ikari dumped the ROM, let me have a look, and… There’s so many strange things about this that perplex me, I’ve had to get a lot of help getting information on this. Thanks to Luigiblood and bluesun for all their assistance.

Where do I begin? I’m not sure, although I have my hunchs. The most significant bit of documentation about Monopoly on the Satellaview is of course on trusty old Satellaview History Museum, but…


1995/12/05 BSモノポリー講座〜ボードウォークへの道

1995/12/12 BSモノポリー講座〜ボードウォークへの道

1995/12/19 BSモノポリー講座〜ボードウォークへの道

1995/12/26 BSモノポリー講座〜ボードウォークへの道

With those titles – the “BS Monopoly Kouza Boardwalk Heno Michi” series, to be precise – it’d be hard to tell whether these directly correlate to a ROM which header is basically モノポリーレッドカップ.

However, Luigiblood pointed out to me that the ROM is marked in it’s header as the byte ucon64 identifies as “Full Size + Soundlink”. This is strange.
Every other ROM dump prior which was labeled that was a Soundlink game which had no sound. This game, however, has boot-ups and appears to play like a download game.

I asked bluesun for some further help, and he eventually went to translate this Japanese “review” page.

Here is what he learned from that;
1) The Soundlink broadcast featured an interview with Ikuo Hyakuta, winner of the 1988 Monopoly World Championships in London, England.
2) The game would play past the schedule, whereupon supposedly BGM would stop.
3) The game allowed three further bootups.

He also told me the order of the broadcasts went like this:
1) Orange Cup
2) Red Cup
3) Yellow Cup
4) Green Cup

Which seemed to suggest that the ROM dumps are from the actual Soundlink series after all!

Yes, dumps! There’s more than one!


A note on emulation compatibility, BTW: Your emulator better be able to read the currency from BS-X when loading up the Monopolies, otherwise the game won’t let you play. You will be gambling that money here!

Monopoly 2 BS – Red Cup | モノポリーレッドカップ ( BSモノポリー講座〜ボードウォークへの道 第2回 ? )
ROM Download

Monopoly 2 BS – Yellow Cup | モノポリーイエローカップ ( BSモノポリー講座〜ボードウォークへの道 第3回 ? )
ROM Download

Oh, and just to pad this so we have 3 ROMs like the typical pattern…
Ikari also got a redump of a BS Tantei Club, Yuki ni Kieta Kako ROM. It’s data matches up with the 2nd chapter of the story down to the checksum. It’s date is marked 6/20 instead of 6/14.

BS Tantei Club: Yuki Ni Kieta Kako – Chuuhen | BS探偵倶楽部 雪に消えた過去 中編
REDUMP ROM download

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