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UBSCSB: “Super Mario Club” and “Resurrection! Super Mario Club”


What’s this weird video I archived from Stage6 a long time ago?

Apparently the Game Show “Super Mario Club”. This piece of retro-Japan-TV from the 1990s’ pit people against each other in quizzes and game tournaments for prizes.

However, the show couldn’t last forever, and so it was canned and nearly faded into obscurity…
But then…

And then, apparently on Christmas Day this year (Yay, more Christmas presents!), this broadcasted on TV Tokyo.
A few days later, I downloaded it off “Perfect Dark”, the Japanese P2P Service.

(Embed removed upon SmashManiac’s suggestion – dang thing really isn’t working.)

This video doesn’t seem to want to embed right, so feel to just download it and watch.

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