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UBSCSB New Year Edition: Bug-tte Honey

Among my quirky collections that -aren’t- Satellaview related are collections of Videogame-based TV. The last post mentioned something both old and new. So does this, kinda.

The mid-1980s’ TMS Japanese Animated Series “Bugってハニー” (Bug-tte Honey)… I remember hearing about it and it’s ties to the “Adventure Island” video game, and thought to try looking for it. After a while of searching, I learned of the recently-released DVD Box sets in Japan.

So, searching, searching, searching…. DVDISOs? Woo!

It turned out the DVDISOs were from rental DVDs rather than the sale-boxes, which is a bit of a technical difference, but either way!

I have a directory where I’ve uploaded every episode encode I’ve made here.

Anyone who wants to supply subtitles – as long as everyone knows where the raws came from, it’s fair game.

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