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Tape Promos from NicoNicoDouga

I’ve been checking NicoNicoDouga as usual – but the uploads lately are once again something I haven’t necessarily seen before.

These recordings seem to be VHS ads – perhaps similar to those N64 ones I used to get as a kid a lot? Let’s take a look at them…

スーパーフィッシング ビッグファイト (naxat soft) 販促ビ

“Super Fishing Big Fight” Tape Ad.

… I wasn’t sure at first how this tied in to Satellaview, but when the title screen popped up it reminded me of a Satellaview game I was looking for;

“Naxat Soft Satellaview Bass Tournament Big Fight”. Picture taken from an old site which archive.org thankfully kept around.
The original “Super Fishing Big Fight” is a standard ROM going around, so I assume this tape promo is actually for that release… but I’m guessing it has the “Satellaview” tag because no one would remember this game otherwise.

サテラビュー対応ソフト 「鮫亀(SameGame)」 販促ビデオ

“Same Game”… thing.

This sorta more documentary-ish video has what seems to be some sort of “The Making of those 30 second commericals you see on the TV”, and some footage of business-y folks playing UNDAKE30.
More strangely, though, what’s with that one Same Game Title Screen? I haven’t seen it before! Perhaps it’s in one of the Data Packs that still need to be dumped.

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