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UBSCSB New Year Edition: Bug-tte Honey

Among my quirky collections that -aren’t- Satellaview related are collections of Videogame-based TV. The last post mentioned something both old and new. So does this, kinda.
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UBSCSB: “Super Mario Club” and “Resurrection! Super Mario Club”

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I CAN tell -these- two Zeldas apart.

Instead of giving you guys a proper Christmas gift, I’m oggling this prototype. Sorry! 😀

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Fun with Youtube – I’m uping Satellaview ROM gameplay!

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Stage6 BS Tantei Club Videos, thank Youtube for removing the limit!

Woohoo! I’m among the accounts that Youtube has lifted the 15-minute time restriction for.

What does that mean?

I can post these!
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Tape Promos from NicoNicoDouga

I’ve been checking NicoNicoDouga as usual – but the uploads lately are once again something I haven’t necessarily seen before.

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