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More about St.GIGA in general.

So, I was on #protos on irc.badnik.net tonight, and Garrett asked me if I found any recent St.GIGA video ups lately.

The last time I looked was about a month ago, on NicoNicoDouga – and found nothing new, so I thought to try a more general search again tonight. Here’s what I’ve seen – a few new Youtube uploads.

A very interesting video by Bambientone – “Traveling with St.GIGA”.

Also, this upload by 999mekemeke – WOWOW (St.GIGA) “Clothing” (that translation can’t be right!) (1997).

… 1997? Wouldn’t that have put this recording smack-dab in the middle of the Satellaview’s lifespan? I do wonder what’s up with this.

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