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Refresher: Soundlink Vs. SPC (also, an excuse to post more NND videos.)

As I’ve been talking to Luigiblood, I’ve come upon the realization that folks don’t always tend to dig through the backlog of the blog…. perhaps I should mirror some of the things in a less blog-like form, for easier viewing. It might also help with organization, since the blog usually comes in a “as I figure it out” chronology.

In the meantime, though, some filler; a little reminder of how Soundlink should, well, “sound”… compared to the SNES’s standard SPC.

Well, actually, I just like mirroring up NicoNicoDouga uploads. But these should be educational, anyhow. Note to people who check the blog regularly: expect rehashville.

To start, this vid plays the ending music from “BS Shin Onigashima”, and then follows it up with the same song as an SPC arrangement.

For the lols of repeating myself; the Satellaview’s “Soundlink” feature streamed audio from Satellite Radio during gameplay, which was used to output high-quality sound the SPC could not perform. This sound served to greatly enhance the Soundlink-compatible games, but the restrictions of using a single, linear source for audio led to the games having a lot of restrictions.

For a bit of fun, it seems someone did something similar for BS Tantei Club, except that instead of playing one and then another, an attempt was made to “sync them up”;


Coincidentally, I did something similar with two different pieces of Nintendo Music kinda recently.

Any Questions?
Perhaps I could use some suggestions on what else I could put up a “Refresher” on…

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