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I seriously need to learn Japanese better.

UPDATED: Thanks MadHatter.

So, as usual I was browsing the サテラビュー tag on NicoNicoDouga and I came across this video being tagged under it;

マリオペイントで「涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱」の 涼宮 ハルヒを描いてみ

And I of course was all like “Well, what does this have to do with Satellaview” so I click on it, and watch this…

Well, this is… fairly interesting! I was never able to draw anything that looked as good on MS Paint as that Haruhi does. **;
But… what’s that stuff about the Satellaview Mario Paint at the end? Dagnabbit, I -really- need to brush up on my Japanese.

also, there appear to be more of these Mario Paint videos, and the descriptions also give links to picture downloads.

MadHatter provided this transcription of the notes in the video that are relevant to “Mario Paint BS Ban” on The BS Zelda Homepage’s Forum:

パネェ マジパネェ
これは サテラビューで
セーブデータに内蔵されたのが コレだそうです
 配信されたのも 知らなかったよ
私はこれにて 敗北宣言をいたします候”

I’ve also learned that the second picture in the video – from which this text is displayed during on the video – is in the “Mario Paint Yuushou Naizou Ban” ROM;

To find it, open up the ROM in any emulator (other than ZSNES for some reason….) and “load” data like you would if you saved a picture or musical piece into SRAM.

Based on preliminary/loose translations of the messages and some seemingly related Japanese website notes, I’m under the belief that “Mario Paint BS Ban” was associated with a “Mario Paint Contest”, and the picture in “Yuushou Naizou Ban” was the grand prize winner. Also, according to Madhatter – “Apparently the picture is called “Dreaming of the Moon” and it’s by a fan from Tokyo named ‘溝田 祐子'”.

Obviously, people who can help cross-check this stuff would be very much appreciated. It’s fascinating what Haruhi has taught me about the Satellaview!

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