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Yo, Diggity! Micky Pockets n da hawze, dawg!…

When I went on my Satellaview research, I was kinda anticipating a couple of weird things.

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 and BS Super Mario Collection had some strange picks of licensed music.
Radio Programs like the ones Hikaru Ijuin ran had some strange comedic skits.
Some of the playable games, like Dynamitracer and (assumedly this is referred to as playable) Sousa Sentai Wappers were the strange kind of thing you’d not normally see on a Super Famicom.

Kodomo Chousadan Mighty Pockets then decided to take all of the weirdness, put it in a single game, and crank it up to eleven.
The game itself seems to be a board game with a detective motif, a la Clue – that being said, the rules are different enough that I don’t really know what’s going on. Well, besides the fact that the guys are apparently rapping on top of Michael Jackson sound samples and remixes of 1950’s American Television.

Really, I’m not making that up. You can see below. This was uploaded on NicoNicoDouga seemingly last night – 22 minutes of gameplay of the third episode. No more has been uploaded yet. Will it be uploaded? Do I WANT it uploaded? I don’t know. This game just scares me now.

子供調査団Mighty Pockets 調査3(の初め)

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